We want to share our experience of setting up a business with you!

Our workshops are based on first-hand experiences as freelancers, small business owners and people like you who are working in creative industries! Let’s face it: You won’t get around the annoying part of invoicing and paper work. But we’re here to make it as comprehensive and effortless for you as possible!

Registration, Taxes & Accounting

How to register a business? Which taxes do I have to pay? How can I save money with tax deductions and keep my paper work on track? How do I stay out of trouble? Don’t worry, we will walk you through the dry and confusing bits of German bureaucracy. You want to write an invoice but don’t really know how? That’s also something we’ll tackle. Who the hell is Kleinunternehmerregelung and Einnahmeüberschussrechnung? We’re here to not only to translate but also to explain German terms to you so you’ll know what you and the Finanzamt are talking about. You’ll learn the essentials to lay the bureaucratic bricks of your business on German soil. And eventually you’ll be able to spend more time on the fun things – those that make you money!

Concept, Marketing & Promotion

Let’s refine your ideas and boost your confidence to get you started. You already have your business but are struggling to make it work? We’ll find an appropriate price tag for your valuable work, go over how much money you HAVE TO charge and bury the idea, once and for all, that there’s no financial value in creative work. We will help you targeting your product or service to the people who will appreciate and buy it. We’ll show you how to budget and how to use your personal values and interests to market yourself and your business and make it a success for you.

Individual Coaching & Group Discussions

We include enough time at the end of the workshops to discuss your questions in our small group sessions. There are no such things as silly questions, nor ever too many of them. We simply just don’t want you to make our past mistakes! Many of our workshop members highly value the exchange of questions during the workshop and we encourage you to participate. But you can also always just sit back and enjoy. If you don’t see your particular questions answered in our workshops, don’t hesitate to contact us for an individual, one-on-one coaching online or in person.

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